Is it better to bag and remove the grass clippings or should I leave them?

It is very important to leave the clippings on your lawn after mowing. The clippings should not be bagged and removed. The clippings become extremely valuable nutrients, organic matter, and living microbiology that is necessary for soil to support healthy plant life. This is a natural cycle of decomposition that exists in nature; in forests, prairies, and your landscape. This cycle is how plants re-nourish their soil environment and create the type of soil environment that is ideal for that plant.

If dead grass, or thatch, is piling up, it is because of an underlying problem; either excessive chemical use has killed off too much microbial soil life and the soil is unable to digest and decompose the clippings or the grass is not being properly cared for; that is, it is growing tall then being cut too short.

For best results, mulch mow, or mow with the mower discharge gate closed to chop up the debris into tiny particles. Mulch mowing over the leaves in the fall is a great way to build organic matter levels in the soil. More organic matter means more available nutrients!

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