How often should I water my lawn?

Generally, watering should only occur between April and October (in Southeastern NC), when rainfall is insufficient, or less than 1 inch a week. The best time of day to water is early morning before sunrise. The best way to water is deep (long periods) but infrequently. Watering for 1 hour twice a week is more effective than watering 20 minutes everyday. This is because 20 minutes is only wetting the soil surface and leaving the root zone dry. If only the soil surface is wet, this will cause roots to reach towards the surface to absorb moisture, thus creating a shallow root zone. Make sure that the soil is drenched down several inches below the surface so the root zone is saturated. This approach will enable your lawn to better survive the summer heat. Pay attention to the growing environment and how your lawn is responding. When the grass is dry and begins losing its green color, then it is time to make it rain, make it pour! Look for a green up, and then see how many days will pass before needing another watering

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