How do you control pests?

Long Leaf Organics has a variety of natural materials such as; neem, orange oil, diatomaceous earth and also biological control such as Bacillus Thuringiensis (for more information see materials). However it should be understood that that best means of long term control is to promote plant health through good land care cultural practices and a healthy soil environment. Pests should be viewed as a symptom of an underlying problem (stressed plant, unhealthy soil). Pests are attracted to and will attack stressed plants. Weak plants are easier to penetrate and burrow into and are ultimately an easier source of food (energy). Pests are also attracted to sterile soil or soil low in biological activity (life), because there is minimal competition for survival. Insect problems can be a sign that the soil is sterile, or low in beneficial microbial life. This is why building organic matter and reducing chemical use is vital for the health of the soil.

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