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Introduction to Composting

Composting guidelines

Composting method

Composting guidelines

In general, the goal is to mix 2 parts Brown material to 1 part Green.

BROWN = carbon – 2 parts
Dried leaves
Shredded newspaper
Shredded paper from a printer
Peanut shells
Paper egg cartons
Junk mail (avoid plastic or laminated materials)

GREEN = nitrogen – 1 part
Fruit Peels
Vegetable peels and scraps (raw)
Tea Bags
Coffee filter and grinds
Eggshells (rinsed)
Plant trimmings (not from diseased plants)

Oil, salad dressings
Pet waste
Cooked foods

  • add earthworms to compost pile for best results and better compost
  • Composting materials need oxygen (air flow) to prevent odor and anaerobic conditions (unhealthy microorganism growth)