is an eco-friendly lawn and garden company that offers premium organic fertilizers and friendly, dedicated service to help you achieve a beautiful lawn and landscape. Our goal is to produce healthy, vigorous plants while reducing and eliminating the need for pesticides and chemical fertilization which are among the leading causes of groundwater pollution in the Cape Fear region. You may submit a request for a free quote through the contact page or call 910-805-5414; estimates are always free. Services Include:

Custom Organic Lawn Care Program

After soil testing Long Leaf Organics will blend the specific nutrients that your lawn requires for custom fertilization treatments throughout the growing season to produce a thick, durable lawn and long-term soil improvement. We can dissect and correct problems in your lawn and landscape to help you achieve long term improvement...and no, it is not more expensive!

Organic Fertilizer for Lawn and Garden

The safe and all-natural materials that are used for fertilization are derived directly from the Earth and Sea to include a combination of minerals and plant material. Our fertilizers are 100% beneficial for all plant life, with custom blends available for knockout roses, azaleas, blueberries and vegetable gardens.

Core Aeration for Lawns

Alleviate compacted soil and promote explosive root growth for a thick lawn.


Installation and Construction of Raised or In-Ground Garden

A ready-to-go operation to grow your own food and ornamental plants. We can build or restore your landscape bed and install plants, pine straw and mulch. For veggie gardens we offer a variety of heirloom plants, including: Garden Peach Tomatoes, Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, Sweet Chocolate Bell Peppers, Cosmic Purple Carrots, Dinosaur Kale and much more!

Soil Testing

With a professional summary and report so you can understand the spectrum of minerals that your lawn and plants require to maximize growth and improve plant health.

Organic Pest Control

Eliminate pests from your garden without toxic chemicals.

Rain Barrel with Installation

Harvest rainwater with a locally produced 50 gallon rain barrel.

Post Emergent Weed Control

Selective herbicide - Not Organic

Consultation for All of Your Composting and Growing Needs

Turn your landscape into an eco-friendly, safe, sustainable habitat. We have 6 lb bags of fertilizer, 65 LB. bags of organic compost available we also have composting bins.