Over the past few years, I have been transitioning to using organic lawn and landscape methods at my home.  The lawn and landscape have improved each year but this past year has been phenomenal.  A number of bare and thin spots have filled and the lawn has grown thick and healthy.  As a side benefit, I have been able to reduce the amount of irrigation used and reduced my overall water consumption.  Using annual soil samples, I have witnessed the chemistry and composition of the soil continuously improves.  I feel that I am getting great service at a fair and reasonable price.   I would and have recommended Long Leaf Organics to friends and neighbors.

MD Nevin, Wilmington, NC

This is my favorite service in all of Wilmington. Brian at Long Leaf Organics has a wealth of knowledge, he is organized and flexible, and has made my yard and garden both come to life like I've never seen them - and I have been trying for several years with others' help. He has taught me so much, because he knows I'm interested, but if you just want someone to come and treat your lawn and garden w/ organic material - or have him start a small organic garden for you - he's a great help!

Kari D – Wilmington NC

We have used Long Leaf Organics this past summer and I was very pleased by their professionalism,   knowledge of soil, and prompt response to any issues or questions that we had. I truly feel that the lawn looks better compared to previous years and think that it is a direct result of the conscientious efforts.


I highly recommend Long Leaf OrganicsOver the past three years Brian has successfully brought some life back to my lifeless lawn using healthy, organic ingredients rather than chemicals.  He also helped to landscape parts of my yards with knock-out roses and Crape Myrtle trees.  I enjoy his dedication to everything he does. 

Becky Bucci - Wilmington, NC

My name is Linda D. and I live in the Magnolia Greens Community in Leland.   Brian has worked hard to ensure that my soil has what it needs to sustain a healthy grass.  Through aerating, using non chemical methods and mowing myself (with a wonderful battery powered made in Vermont Neuton lawn mower) my front lawn not only looks wonderful but its root system is so thick it needs less water .  I know that natural is the way to go, it is safe for the environment and that makes the Mainer in me smile.
       Brian is a hard worker and very conscientious.  I highly recommend him.

Linda D.  - Leland