Organic Fertilizer Program

We specialize in correcting lawn issues and promoting an overall better lawn. Our annual program is customized to your needs and preferences. Growing out of sandy, sterile soil is an underlying issue in southeastern NC, that is often ignored by other companies. Your annual fertilizer treatments will be customized to your soil analysis. Our organic fertilizers generate outstanding results by improving the soil and feeding the lawn.

Weed Control and Insect Issues

Weed Control and Insect Issues

We are licensed and trained to use chemicals. We integrate chemicals into the program sparingly and only when needed. We are working to reduce chemical use and we are focused on the true way to control weeds which is to grow a thick healthy lawn by using the best fertility and cultural practices.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Alleviate compaction to help promote root growth and a thick lawn. (Available May – August)

Winter Lawns

Winter Lawns

Is your landscape full of bare areas and weeds? Do you have kids and dogs that need a better place to play? Did you know growing a cool season grass is easy to do, inexpensive and will give you an outstanding lawn through Fall, Winter and Spring?

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